Preserving America’s Godly Heritage

Our Christian heritage in the United States--from the letters of many of our founding fathers to the freedom to worship and practice our religion freely today--enables citizens to build on that legacy while sharing the Gospel with those around them. Our America of the people decided that the freedom to express our religion without governmental fear was vital to make this nation thrive. As churches preaching the Gospel were built up and God was reverenced in this country, His blessing stood over this country, making it to prosper as principles from the Scriptures were applied in the early documents and laws.

The structural foundation of America is largely based on principles from God's Word, and this backbone has held the nation together while threats of secularism and moral decay have permeated our courts and school systems. Educating the next generation has always been the Biblical duty of the parents and authorities that God has placed in the lives of those young people.

Whether a pastor, Sunday school teacher, educator, or another influence of authority, the next generation must adhere to the tenets of Scripture and believe them on a personal level. Sadly, how often do we see young people who have not personally decided to follow Christ even though they were brought up in church and know what their parents believe? We need to influence this generation to make a difference for Christ and be examples to those who follow.

Christian education, expected at home and also in Christian school environments, should dictate the knowledge along with Godly wisdom through Scripture reading and memorization to help them grow in spirit and in truth. In the early days of CLA, the battle over Christian education was at the forefront of minds in America. We stood with men who had determined conviction to have Christian schools and influence the children under their care in the precepts of the faith.

Throughout the history of the Christian Law Association, we have met skeptics and scoffers who do not agree with the stands taken on Biblical principle, the Scriptural values we share, or the legal arguments we use as we fight for religious liberty in America. It is our duty as believers to hold to Biblical commands as we stand firm on the Word of God as our authority in these matters. It is important to keep our eyes firmly fixed on God and His commands for us to follow. In the battle for the minds and hearts of the next generation of Americans, we must uphold Scripture and train them to be Christ-like. It is our duty and calling to help Bible-believers follow God's command.

Christ-honoring men and women have stood in the gap for America. We have represented pastors who were put in jail for following the Bible. We have seen countless Christians arrested for giving the Gospel in America. We have stood behind thousands who desire to simply follow Christ in the way they live. We want to help you live your life in accordance with God's commands and protect you legally should you need us as you take your stand for God. We will not charge you for legal help. Our purpose is to help you serve God. We do not want to financially burden you.

In a country that so badly cries out for a light to shine, we want to help you be that light and will advise you how to be an effective witness in your community and avoid legal trouble. Our ministry has the privilege of sending out information about witnessing in modern America, how to represent Christ in your workplace, and what your rights are as a Christian in public schools. Our attorneys daily give out solid, experienced legal advice about these questions we receive from people whose main desire is to follow God's leading.

Here are some examples of questions we can answer for you:

May I legally hand out tracts or invite coworkers to church while I am at my job?

I'm a public school teacher, but as a Christian, am I allowed to tell my class about Jesus?

While I'm at the mall, can I hand out flyers for upcoming church services?

We also receive a variety of other questions such as the following:

Will Obamacare affect my church?

How will the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage affect our church? Will I be forced to perform those types of ceremonies?

A bar is being opened down the street. Is there anything I can do to stop it?

If I speak out about these moral failures in America, will I be arrested, or will it be labeled as hate speech?

Can our young people have Bible clubs in their public school? I thought God wasn't allowed in schools anymore?

These kinds of questions, as well as multiple variations and new ones, arrive at our offices daily from various modes of communication. We are honored to answer these and others that pertain to your Biblical faith. Our calling and labor of love is to help God's people follow His command to tell others about Jesus Christ.

Throughout our ministry, we have been privileged to help thousands who have called with legal questions about how they can follow Christ in their lives. Do you have a question? Call us and let us serve you as your legal missionaries.

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