Preserving America’s Biblical Foundation

Recently, we have had hundreds of calls coming into our ministry offices with pastors specifically saying that they are being sued or legally challenged. They simply want to do what the Bible has commanded them in reaching their communities for Christ. God has called you and me to honor Him in our actions and reactions, and the ways we honor Him are outlined in the Scriptures. We are to show God's love through Christ's sacrifice for our sin by telling others of the Good News of the Gospel. The Bible is clear that our lives should reflect God's goodness to us. We are His ambassadors, and that is our role and emphasis no matter where we are or what we happen to be doing. Whether we are at work, the store, a restaurant, or elsewhere, our purpose on earth is to reach others with the Gospel.

When you are doing what God has called you to do, life's circumstances will not always be ideal. We can always have joy knowing that God has placed that joy in us, so nothing else can take it away. But sometimes a lawsuit happens -- what then? Let us help you through those difficult times.

As a ministry that focuses on religious freedom issues for believers, we receive a lot of calls and emails asking for advice on how to handle things. Churches, pastors, and others call for legal advice on how to deal with a new situation that the church has never experienced before. New moral issues have become the crux of many legal issues. Does our church have to allow....You fill in that blank. Pastors call our ministry legal staff with hesitancy in their voice and an uncertainty, and it is our goal to exchange that uncertain feeling with boldness.

As schools are moving through their first semesters, principals and administrators have been calling to ask legal questions about protecting their students and their ministries from abuse allegations. Christian Law Association has authored several resources that highlight our desire for ministries to grow and children to be protected in this new age of responsibility. We encourage your church to screen workers and make sure that potential children's ministry workers are legally suitable to watch over the children.

Our ministry exists to give you legal counsel and prevent issues from happening that might sideline you from growing in your individual walk with the Lord or harming your ministry. In our history, thousands of churches have been able to safely prevent harmful circumstances by following our legal advice, and God has seen fit to continue blessing this ministry as we follow His leading. We are encouraged to see ministries starting all over the nation. Churches are using our ministry resource "How to Legally Start a Ministry" to begin setting up new ministries all across America.

How do I legally start a church?

The following are common questions our attorneys answer regarding church development:

  • What steps should I take to legally start a church?
  • What legal documents do I need?
  • What do we have to do to make sure the church is tax-exempt?
  • Will the church have to pay sales tax or property tax?
  • How do I handle payroll?
  • Is there a specific way we should handle the offering plate?

Our legal missionary team gives insight into questions and answers for those who are called of God to start a new church or ministry.

One key element that has become a newer addition to our church start-up procedures is adding language to the church bylaws that will protect the church against lawsuits that would force them to perform same-sex marriages or rent the space to those who do not follow the same Biblical moral code. Our legal missionary team has helped thousands of churches through legal issues and prevented countless lawsuits by placing language in the bylaws for churches ahead of time. It is our desire to protect the God-given rights to worship Him freely and Biblically even in the midst of opposition from the liberal agenda.

As our founding fathers were detailing the United States Constitution, many of them knew that they were moving this nation ahead in ways never done before. Much different than the tone of the French Revolution, the key elements of Scriptural thinking were placed in high regard during these early days in our nation's history. The Biblical understanding of the sinfulness of man was the guiding principle behind the Constitution. We became one nation under God.

Rather than attributing man's achievements to the humanist philosophies that the French Revolution believed, the War for Independence, happening within a decade apart, was obviously based on a much higher level of thinking. The United States has uniquely sustained itself under one government system throughout its entirety thus far. The root principles of man's underlying sin and need for redemption and rules from a great God has played a major role in its success. The Biblical principle that man is innately sinful and will need protection from himself and his own sin is a guiding line for the Constitution. Also, arguments were made in The Federalist Papers that a government consisting of sinful men would need to place protections for citizens against the government.

"As there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust, so there are other qualities in human nature which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence. Republican government presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher degree than any other form." Federalist No. 55

This delicate balance of Biblical thinking is precisely what led to the enacting of the U.S. Constitution and its consistent reign as one of the most prominent founding documents throughout history.

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