CLA has served Bible-believing churches and Christians since 1969. CLA provides free legal services based in part on the generosity of God's people.  Your contribution to CLA is 501(c)(3) tax deductible.
About CLA        The Christian Law Association is a "ministry of legal helps." Its purpose is to provide free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing legal difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition of one form or another. Since 1969, the number of legal attacks on ministries has exploded. CLA receives in excess of 100,000 phone calls annually, not counting the thousands of pieces of correspondence from those who are in some way facing legal difficulties for doing what the Bible commands. These cases involve Christians arrested for witnessing to others in public, public school students being told they do not have the right to read their Bibles at school, churches being excluded from communities, Christians being fired for sharing their faith at work, and thousands of other shocking assaults on our precious religious freedoms.The Christian Law Association exists to preserve Christian liberty for your children and grandchildren.

   CLA attorneys regularly conduct legal seminars and provide on-site training for church and ministry staff.  Every weekend, our "legal missionaries" preach and teach in churches across America.    In order to prevent lawsuits and inform ministry leaders on the latest legal developments, CLA regularly conducts one-day legal seminars across the country.  Because our attorneys specialize in legal issues impacting ministries, our seminars are focused specifically on the most important legal issues facing churches at this moment.CLA Support    CLA is funded wholly by concerned Christians and churches who wish to support the fight for religious liberty in the United States, and who also have a desire to make it possible for CLA to provide free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are being sued, or threatened with suit, for the Biblical faith.  Contributions can be made online through this website.    Due to the financial support of concerned Christians, CLA is able to provide legal representation at no cost to thousands of pastors and believers who have been sued, arrested, or jailed for the Biblical faith. CLA legal missionary attorneys and support staff do not bill for their time, regardless of whether the person or ministry seeking our assistance financially supports CLA.

At a time when our nation’s government is incurring massive debt injecting taxpayer dollars into America’s failed financial markets and industries, we must ask the question—what has happened to us? There is an answer.  America’s politicians, courts, entrepreneurs and financial leaders have spent decades ignoring the importance of morality and ethics, character traits that can only be sustained through an emphasis on Biblical values.